Istraživanje o transparentnosti gradova

Institut za javne financije predstavio je u utorak 14.06  istraživanje o transparentnosti gradova i naši Vinkovci su OPET među najlošijima (3 od nazad) u nekim kategorijama i najgori!!!

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Za sve koji žele detaljnije proučiti, možete kliknuti na ovaj LINK.


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  • . Its a nasty tactic. If SKH stays sinlet, they will take it as an admission of guilt. (read solo bear’s blog). If he defends himself, they will claim he is being defensive. Worse, they will draw parallels with libel suit extraordinaire.Nevertheless, the accusation levelled, treason and corruption, are criminal in nature. For the citizen, and more so for a member of paliarment. If SKH is a traitor or corrupt, then I as a member of a public want to know. And see justice done. So if there is any crednece, then the accuser should step forward, not necessarily in public. But to the relevant authorities. If there are reasons not to, then the accuser should also explain. If anything, I do not think we want our political discourse to degenerate into a playground shouting match. We must put a stop to this.One could argue that the wider public should be able to see sense. However, one could forsee that a less than robust rebuttal from him would lead to allegations of “no smoke without fire”.Referring the matter to the police invites a “neutral” 3rd party to investigate any bases for these claims and put the matter to bed.SKH puts himself to as much scrutiny as the accuser, and can therefore put himself above suspicion.I think most people would agree SKH is not in bed with the government, and therefore unlikely to conceive of a cover-up.Libel suits though, are civil proceedings. Those acquinted with British law know more than I do about its existence. As such, I agree its definitely not worth pursuing.

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